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Permanent residence

Permanent residence (PR) is the status that allows you to settle permanently in Canada, and grants most of the rights that Canadian citizens have, such as studying, working (for an employer, the function provincial public service or on his own account), benefit from social services and government assistance or retire.

The pathways to PR follow two different systems depending on whether you plan to settle in Quebec or in another province. In Quebec, it will be necessary in particular to obtain a CSQ (Certificate of Selection of Quebec) from the MIFI, the Quebec ministry of immigration, before the federal government can approve the request for RP. In the rest of Canada, the entire procedure is handled by the federal government 

In any case, PR is an essential requirement before applying for Canadian citizenship. Your lawyer specializing in permanent immigration can help you choose the program that suits you best or accompany you in these steps.  

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Restricted and more precarious rights than citizenship

Permanent residence is a more precarious status than Canadian citizenship, because although it is possible to maintain it indefinitely, it can also be lost:

  • being away from Canada too long

  • by being found guilty of certain penal or criminal offenses

  • if the authorities believe that your permanent residence was obtained following false representations or fraudulent procedures with regard to immigration laws.

Also, permanent residence does not allow:

  • to vote in elections 

  • obtain a Canadian passport allowing you to return to Canada at any time

  • to be hired in most federal public service positions. 

Do any of these restrictions worry you? Talk to your immigration lawyer!

Pathways to Permanent Residence in Quebec

Pathways to Permanent Residence outside Quebec

Non-economic pathways to Permanent Residence

advice centered onyou.

Each program has specific eligibility criteria and exceptions. Find the immigration solution that matches  yoursituation andyourneeds. There is no single solution: find theyournow. 

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